Worship Services

Our Worship Services are held twice every Sunday at 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM. We also have worship services for other special occasions such as: Ascension Day, Good Friday and Christmas Day. During worship we use the NKJV Bible and the Anglo-Genevan Psalter.
The following is the order of worship that our church uses for the morning service:

1. Dependence Confession and God's Greeting
2. Congregational Singing
3. Reading of the Ten Commandments
4. Reading of Holy Scripture
5. Prayer (for the opening of the Word, and intercession)
6. Sermon
7. Congregational Singing
8. Announcements and offertory
9. Congregational Singing
10. Prayer of Thankgiving
11. Congregational Singing

We welcome everyone to join us for our Sunday worship services.


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